Why assay validation?

Validate every new test added to your portfolio and make sure that your sensitivity and precision are what you expect.

Quick and easy

A short workflow for quick turnaround times. Validate and verify new tests and additions to your pipeline efficiently and with reproducible results every time.

Flexible for you

Integrated reference standards from several sources mean that you can choose the best for you. Have your own reference standard? Upload it to add to your reference repository.

Be ready for EQA

Make sure your tests are up to scratch before submitting to an EQA. assay validation is used by EQA providers EMQN and GenQA to run their proficiency testing. Make sure you are ready to perform.

Clear and simple

Graphical representations of your precision, sensitivity and level of detection are easy to read, for you and your colleagues outside the lab.

NGS Test Validation as a Regular Practice

Some of the leading hospitals in the world such as Basel University Hospital in Switzerland and Rigshospitalet in Denmark are using assay validation to be confident on their clinical genetics pipeline performance. Rigshospitalet was ranked 15th in Newsweek 2021 ranking of the world’s best hospitals and are using assay validation as a regular practice in their genetics testing operations.


Mette Christoffersen, Rigshospitalet

Our highest priority is getting the diagnosis and treatment right for the patient. This can only happen when we are sure that our systems produce high quality data reliably. By validating our NGS pipeline performance regularly with assay validation we can ensure that the resulting data can be trusted by the clinician.

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