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Your end to end service for assay validation, quality control, variant interpretation and reporting.

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Variant Interpretation

Flexible and detailed filtering strategies integrating the best public databases to annotate one or several VCF files streamlined directly from our secondary analysis workflow.

Make diagnostic analysis based on high quality data with automated ACMG classification, ASCO/AMP tiering in a simple user interface.

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Custom reporting

Report primary & secondary findings using our template reports that can be tailored to the laboratory needs (customer requirements).

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Assay Validation

Stay compliant with regulations by quick validation and verification tools for your pipeline, with easy to read graphical representations of sensitivity, precision and level of detection.

Assay Validation

Sample Quality Control

Bring reproducible & robust data over time by automated tools to flag failing and warning samples based on your thresholds.

Access over 60 quality metrics and track data over time for quality trends.

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Clinical reporting
Assay Validation
Sample Quality Control
Variant Interpretation

Genomics Hub

Why the Genomics Hub?

An end to end sequencing service saves you time and money.

Genomics Hub streamlines an efficient workflow at your lab by automatically connecting variant interpretation with quality control, assay validation and custom clinical reporting according to your needs.

Hence, less time spent battling laborious excel-sheets, so your team can focus on diagnostic analysis & therapeutic decisions.

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Genomics Hub is a true SaaS product, which means constant iteration cycles. We would love to hear what improves & personalize our solution for you.

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