Our leadership team has decades of experience in creating and selling solutions for the healthcare industry.
  • Tommi KaasalainenCEO

    Health tech executive with strong experience in sales and marketing combined with an engineering brain.

    Tommi Kaasalainen


    Tommi Kaasalainen LinkedIn profile

    Tommi Kaasalainen is a health tech executive with strong experience in sales and marketing. He worked for a decade in the IT/telecom industry in management roles in Finland and Germany before transitioning to health tech in 2013. As the Executive Vice President of Innokas Medical he was responsible for growing their 25 M€ contract design and manufacturing business internationally. Most recently prior to Euformatics Tommi served as the CEO of Nukute, a Finnish medical device start-up focusing on sleep apnoea diagnostics.

    Tommi holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tampere University of Technology and received an award for the best master’s thesis work in Finland upon graduation. He completed his second Master of Science degree with honors at the University of Tampere focusing on marketing and software development. Additionally, he has completed Aalto University´s Health Tech Executive program.

    Euformatics CEO Tommi Kaasalainen
  • Christophe RoosChief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder

    A geneticist by training, dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific research and real-world applications in clinical diagnostics.

    Christophe Roos

    Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder

    Christophe Roos LinkedIn profile

    Christophe Roos started his career as a researcher studying the interaction of genes during germ line stem cell development. Bioinformatics nevertheless followed him since the 1980s when he tested the first Swissprot database versions and sequence analysis software packages. He initiated bioinformatics training at the University of Helsinki, and later worked together with Jussi and Jukka on a large IT platform for systems biology.

    Christophe holds Master of Science degrees in Genetics, and Mathematics & Chemistry from the University of Helsinki as well as a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. He has worked as a lecturer at several universities and authored and co-authored a number of scientific articles in a wide range of journals. He is very well connected and versed in several fields and languages. His specific professional interest is to facilitate biomedical research and clinical diagnostics through the application of a formalism borrowed from the exact sciences and through a better use of information technology.

    Euformatics CSO Christophe Roos
  • Jukka MatilainenChief Software Architect, Co-Founder

    Software guru with strong experience in systems biology and complex software development, combining abstract thinking with expert implementation.

    Jukka Matilainen

    Chief Software Architect, Co-Founder

    Jukka Matilainen LinkedIn profile

    Jukka Matilainen has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Helsinki University of Technology. His thesis dealt with tools for probabilistic modelling in bioinformatics software systems. He worked on the specification and design on a large IT platform for systems biology together with Jussi and Christophe, before founding Euformatics.

    Jukka has strong experience in systems biology and in modelling of biological systems. He also has strong experience in software development that he gained through creating several tools and libraries for the systems biology platform. Jukka has co-authored scientific articles in systems biology.

    Euformatics Chief Software Architect Jukka Matilainen
  • Jussi VolanenCTO, Co-Founder

    Database expert with experience managing databases in the terabyte range, building tools to simplify the most complex of tasks

    Jussi Volanen

    CTO, Co-Founder

    Jussi Volanen LinkedIn profile

    Jussi Volanen has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Helsinki University of Technology.  He has, as a senior architect, had responsibilities which included the planning and designing of a large IT platform for systems biology, in particular its server side.

    Jussi has long experience in software development and databases as well as in administering multiple databases in the terabyte range. He achieved the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certificate in 2008 followed by the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certificate in 2009. He also achieved the Oracle SQL Expert certificate in 2009 and the Microsoft SQLServer certificate in 2003. His special interest areas are software architecture and relational databases.

    Euformatics CTO Jussi Volanen