Why omnomicsNGS?

Flexible for you, from filtering strategies and virtual gene panels, to compatibility with any sequencer and kit. Whatever the clinical domain, omnomicsNGS puts the power in your hands.

Compliancy ensured

Generate genetic or oncology reports according to ACMG/AMP/ASCO/CAP guidelines. CE-IVD marked under IVDD (98/79/CE).

Quality integrated

Coverage analysis and other clinical QC metrics included automatically to reports. Define your own threshold values most important quality metrics.

All clinical domains

From clinical oncology to rare diseases diagnostics, OmnomicsNGS streamlines and automates any clinical domain the lab expands into.

Safe and secure

Can be used from the cloud or installed on your premises behind the firewalls to keep confidential patient data safe and secured.

The tools are in your hands

With access to over 150 filterable metrics and integration of large amounts of data, you have everything you need in one place to get the most out of your data.

Flexible for you

Edit your filtering rules, report templates, virtual gene panels and much more from within the software. omnomicsNGS works for you and your needs.

Used by clinicians around the world

From oncology to germline testing, and carrier screening to inherited diseases.

omnomicsNGS is used by both public and private laboratories to run their clinical diagnostics.

King Chulalongkorn Memorial HospitalThailand
King Fahad Specialist HospitalSaudi Arabia
Bioptická LaboratořCzech Republic
Archetope Health ServicesAustralia

Key features

omnomicsNGS is built with flexibility as its core, to help you get the most from your NGS data

Automatic ACMG classification

Quickly and automatically classify variants based on the ACMG classification guidelines and manually change classification based on external knowledge gained through your own analyses.

ACMG classification

Oncology, rare diseases, carrier screening

Regardless of your clinical domain, omnomicsNGS works for you. Run tumour/normal samples, dig deep into WES or WGS data to uncover variants causing rare diseases, run dual sample carrier screening for deleterious variants or trace hereditary diseases through duo, trio and family analyses.

ASCO report example

Database integration

One of the most extensive database integrations available. All the data you need at your fingertips. ClinVar for germline, CIViC for cancer, HPO, OMIM, Ensembl, OrphaNet, CGC, Reactome and more. Frequently updated and a list that is always expanding.

Some Databases

Flexible filtering

Quickly build filtering strategies based on 150 filterable data columns. Make your analyses reliable and reproducible by implementing the same filtering strategy every time, and dig deep into large samples. Further filter by enacting customisable virtual gene panels.

Gene panel HPO

Cohort analysis

Easily group samples based on cohorts to understand potential commonality between samples. Quickly highlight shared variants, and enact filters to highlight only those relevant variants.

Cohort analysis

Pipeline integration

omnomicsNGS is designed to easily integrate into whatever pipeline you already have, including electronic patient record systems, LIMS and more. Let omnomicsNGS become a seamless part of your operations.

Annotation window

Digging deep into WGS samples for studying autism spectrum disorders

omnomicsNGS is being used to study WGS samples from cohorts of patients around the world as part of the GEMMA project to study autism spectrum disorders. The capabilities of the tool allow us to explore the hundreds of thousands of variants in each sample, highlighting those which may play a role in explaining ASD. Versatile as both a research and clinical tool, omnomicsNGS gives you the power to dig deep into any sample.

Read more about the GEMMA project