Why sample quality control?

The only comprehensive NGS data quality control tool available in the market to optimize laboratory performance.

Automate your QC

Fed up with running your QC in an Excel spreadsheet? Centralise your NGS QC in Sample quality control, for every sequencer, kit and SOP, saving you valuable time.

Your lab, your way

Command-line, GUI, Torrent Suite plugin or BaseSpace app. Sample quality control is for you regardless of your kit, commercial or in-house developed. Whatever technology you are using, we have you covered.

All in one

Access to over 60 quality metrics all in the same place. Quickly flag failing and warning samples, then dig deep to get to the source of any quality issue.

Track your progress

Follow the quality story of your set-up over time, through collection of longitudinal data and in-built charting. Make sure your lab quality continues to be the best it can be.

Sample quality control in global autism study & inter-laboratory quality comparison

omnomicsQ for WGS studyGEMMA Autism Spectrum Disorder study
omnomicsQ for inter-laboratory comparisonQueensland Genomics, Australia

Key features

Sample quality control comes with time-saving features built in.

Set your own thresholds for quality metrics

Define thresholds for over 60 quality metrics based on laboratory procedures or based on EuroGentest and CAP guidelines and save as SOPs to be reused. Flag quality samples as PASS, WARN or FAIL based on thresholds, and ensure reproducibility for every run.

Threshold setting

Top-level overview to granular detail

Go from a dashboard overview of the quality of the entire lab set-up, down to the quality of individual calls in a VCF file. Dig deep to get to the bottom of any quality issues in the lab, across all stages of the sequencing processes, from FASTQ, through BAM to VCF.

Quality details

Compare sequencers or kits over 60 metrics

Integrated charting capabilities provide an easy visual guide for comparing performance of sequencers or kits to ensure that quality stays at the required level across the whole lab set-up.

Comparing sequencer owners

Perform longitudinal analysis of lab performance over time

The only QC tool to store QC metrics over time, benchmark results against historic quality data to make sure that every run is as high quality as possible. Chart the data to pinpoint any quality issues, and group data to fit your needs.

Longitudinal analysis

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Backbone for External Quality Assessment

Sample quality control is used as the software to run External Quality Assessment by the largest EQA providers globally, EMQN and GenQA. Hundreds of labs participate annually to ensure that their operations are run on the highest levels of quality.

This partnership helps to advance our development of best practices and the further diffusion of technological innovation in molecular genetics testing

Simon Patton

EMQN Director