NGS data quality management is even easier for Ion Torrent users with the omnomicsQ Torrent Suite plugin

What’s new?

Users no longer have to manually select files in the client on the the commandline or graphical user interface (GUI) versions. Instead, users can now configure the plugin as a part of a plan. Anytime a plan is run, users can select a SOP and enter additional metadata. It’s also possible to use different SOPs for different samples in a single run.

As the plugin is currently in beta, only aligment QC on BAM files are supported at the moment.

What has not changed?

Users can still enjoy the basic features of the omnomicsQ commandline and GUI versions including:

  • Immediately flagging clinical samples as pass/warn/fail
  • Performing coverage/gap analysis on technical and clinical target regions
  • Performing longitudinal analysis of lab QC performance

To access the full functionality please download the desktop or command line client. The omnomicsQ desktop and command line clients remain agnostic. They can therefore also be used in parallel with the plugin.

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