Many diseases that have historically been incurable or untreatable will become curable or even preventable in the future due to increased understanding of our genomic data. Solving biological problems from this perspective is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Do you want to play a role in enabling that change?

What you will do

As a (Senior) Software Engineer, you will define, design and implement new features and functionalities that take genomic data analysis in oncology to the next level. We have multiple projects ongoing which need people with the right attitude and skillset to deliver.

For example, you could be working on liquid biopsy, creating a bioinformatics pipelines and tertiary analysis for diagnosing cancer patient NGS samples. Or you could be working on a genomic noise canceling solution that will improve the diagnostics accuracy by identifying clinically relevant variants with low allele frequencies from low quality real world data.

Our products are built on Oracle databases with Oracle tools such as APEX. We work mostly with PL/SQL as well as some JavaScript and Python. Customer deployments are running on Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud. We deal with enormous amounts of data and those medical professionals using our tools need to find the right variants by filtering and sorting that data in multiple and complex ways. Ensuring the responsiveness of the software requires implementing very efficient database queries, so experience in dealing with large data sets is valued.

Euformatics Puru

Puru Thapa

Software Developer

Working as a software developer at Euformatics means that I am at the forefront of developing technology that makes a real difference to patient lives.

We play the infinite game here at Euformatics. And occasionally some ping pong as well. In order to succeed in a complex and difficult field we need to work with people that commit to our mission and are in this for the long term. For this reason we do not outsource R&D but rather build the expertise and knowledge in house. If this resonates with your ambition, please get it touch. We would love to hear from you!

This is how you apply

Send a short email to and let us know you want to talk!

Please attach your CV and tailored cover letter for the position.

This position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found!

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