Our mission at Euformatics is to accelerate the transition to precision medicine. But what exactly does that mean? And how does NGS software from a Finnish company help drive a global transition?

Euformatics’ CEO Tommi Kaasalainen was recently interviewed by DNA Weekly to give his view on the future of precision medicine and how our work both in the clinical space and as part of a large research project is helping to advance medicine as a field and improve the way in which patients are treated.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) provides us with a wealth of data that has previously been inaccessible. The software tools that we at Euformatics develop put the power in the hands of clinicians to be able to make sense of that data, ensure that the data they are working with is of the highest quality, and make decisions that save lives.

Read the full interview to find out more about how we are making our own dent in the universe, accelerating the transition to a truly precision medicine worldwide and aiming for a world where currently untreatable diseases can be found earlier and treated based on the uniqueness of our DNA.

Tommi Kaasalainen interview with DNA Weekly

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