Espoo, Finland May 27th, 2024. Universitas Gadjah Mada, located in Central Java, Indonesia, has joined hands with Euformatics, a leading provider of NGS quality control and variant interpretation tools. As per the new commercial agreement, Euformatics will provide the Genomics Hub software suite to Universitas Gadjah Mada to facilitate decision-making on clinical variant interpretation and reporting workflows.

Dr. Ferronika’s group specialises in next-generation sequencing (NGS) to study inter and intra-patient tumoral genetic heterogeneity. She performs in-depth analyses of somatic mutations, using Euformatics’ Genomics Hub. Dr Ferronika’s research team receives essential support from Euformatics’ development team, enabling them to obtain reliable results confidently.

Dr. Paranita Ferronika, Group Leader at the Department of Anatomical Pathology, says: “As a cancer genetics researcher, I can confidently say that Euformatics’ Genomics Hub is an essential tool in our work. The software’s advanced features have significantly improved our ability to identify somatic mutations and comprehend their role in disease progression. Furthermore, the platform’s easy-to-navigate interface and robust reporting options make communicating our findings with fellow researchers and collaborators effortless.

Euformatics’ CEO, Tommi Kaasalainen comments: “We are thrilled to have signed this new commercial relationship with UGM. Seeing our tools used in the field to advance research and improve patient outcomes is always rewarding. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible support to Paranita’s research team, and we are confident that the Genomics Hub suite will help them achieve their goals. We are grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented group of researchers and look forward to seeing the impact of their work.

About Euformatics:

Euformatics is a Finnish company that provides software for genomic data interpretation. Since 2010, Euformatics has been helping medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories provide better precision medicine services based on human genomes. Our core solution is the Genomics Hub, which includes a CE-IVD labelled variant analysis, copy number variation (CNV) and reporting tool, quality control for accredited NGS-based labs, and an NGS assay pipeline validation tool.

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