HELSINKI, Finland, July 2021. Euformatics, a bioinformatics software company providing world-leading NGS interpretation and quality control tools has entered into a collaboration with Solaria Biodata, a fellow bioinformatics software company in Mexico, with the objective of streamlining the path for local laboratories to access Euformatics’ products.

NextGen Solutions, commercially known as Solaria Biodata, offers customer-specific software solutions, along with formative workshops about NGS technologies and consulting services. With an already established presence in the market, Solaria Biodata is a go-to pathway for local laboratories in Mexico in need of bioinformatic software, making them a strong partner in Euformatics’ drive to expand its channel partner network.

The agreement seeks to expand Euformatics’ presence in Mexico by increasing the number of channels for laboratories there to access the Omnomics Suite of software tools. Solaria Biodata already has a strong customer base using their bioinformatics tools and the agreement with Euformatics aims to further improve their offering through introducing Euformatics products to their customers as a combined package.

Nextgen Solutions, CEO, Sandra Ivette Perez Agüeros elaborated “We have seen the Omnomics Suite first-hand, and we believe it could be a great choice for the laboratories in Mexico that have been developing their NGS testing capabilities. omnomicsQ is an excellent way to secure QC standards for the laboratories that have just embarked on their NGS journey, as it allows an ongoing quality review of their sequencers and kits, ensuring that quality standards are maintained. We are looking forward to building our relationship with Euformatics and growing together with this agreement; their software offering complements our current customer approach allowing us to guarantee that laboratories will have access to a complete package of bioinformatic tools.”

Euformatics CEO Tommi Kaasalainen

Euformatics CEO, Tommi Kaasalainen, commented “This partnership with Solaria is exactly what we aim for – bringing together two companies whose products complement each other and offer a combined, high-quality and comprehensive offer to laboratories with NGS capabilities. We are excited to work together with Solaria to reach customers who want to ensure that their bioinformatics is as good as it can be and share the expertise that we have built through our work with customers around the world to help enable the continued success of clinical NGS techniques in Mexico.”

The agreement is yet another step in Euformatics’ journey in building a partner network in Latin America, a goal for 2021 that has seen progress at a steady rhythm with channel partner agreements signed in Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.

About Nextgen Solutions/Solaria Biodata:

Solaria Biodata is a Mexican start-up that provides bioinformatics solutions that include custom development, data analysis, compute provisioning, and training. Since 5 years ago, Solaria has been developing services for academic groups that need to fulfil bioinformatics requirements for their projects. Our current goals include providing the private sector with the best solutions to leverage innovation in biotechnology all across the region.

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About Euformatics:

Euformatics is a Finnish software company that specialises in high standard bioinformatics tools for genomic data interpretation. Since 2010, Euformatics has been helping medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories provide better precision medicine for cancer, common or rare disease diagnostics. At present, our core solution is the omnomics Suite which includes omnomicsNGS; for clinical analysis and reporting of patient NGS data, and omnomicsQ; for NGS data quality management.

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