Espoo, September 2023. Euformatics, a Finnish bioinformatics company that develops world-leading NGS interpretation and quality control tools, announced that it has signed a new commercial partnership with ELTA 90. As part of the collaboration, ELTA 90 and Euformatics plan to locally market the complex clinical diagnostic and genomic testing tools of Euformatics, to benefit the medical genetics and translational molecular pathology research in Romania, North Macedonia and Moldova.

ELTA 90 and Euformatics have a shared vision to increase accessibility of geneticists in Eastern Europe to advanced NGS genomic data analysis platforms making a real impact to improve patient lives. Euformatics kit-agnostic technology will build the knowledge database – through ELTA 90 distribution – of clinical geneticists in variant annotation, classification interpretation and clinical reporting from any sequenced data.

Euformatics will use its expertise and ELTA 90 local network to expand the global reach of its products for clinical NGS data analysis, delivering novel automated solutions to diagnostics laboratories and university hospitals. To date, ELTA 90 has a successful history going back to its founding in 1999 providing in-vitro clinical diagnostic reagents and research equipment to customers in the East of Europe. Its commitment is to serve their customers fully automated solutions in the field of immunology, clinical laboratory, microbiology, virology, rapid diagnostics.

Bogdan Tudor, General Manager for ELTA 90 in Romania and Moldova says, “Drawing insights from integrated clinical genomics data is a growing need of our life science and healthcare customers. We noticed that the Genomics Hub is complementary to what the genetics market needs and decided to pursue a partnership with Euformatics.” and Toni Stefanovski, General Manager at ELTA 90 for North Macedonia adds, “Through the combination of Euformatics technologies – which automates the pipelines from genomic workflows to clinical reporting of actionable insights – with ELTA 90 local presence in Eastern European countries we can enable customers to discover new genomic insights to advance healthcare.

The first customer through this partnership has already experienced the value of the Genomics Hub: “Implementing Euformatics NGS data analysis software in our day-to-day work has been smooth and effortless due to the intuitive interface and flexible pipeline. Additionally, the Euformatics support team has been collaborative and quick in helping us with all our demands” the genetic team at the Institute of Immunobiology and Human Genetics Skopje notes.

Euformatics’ CEO, Tommi Kaasalainen comments,

We are continuously expanding our partner network with the strongest local players in each market. ELTA is clearly the NGS powerhouse in South-Eastern Europe and we are thrilled to be working with them to advance clinical genetics in the region. The partnership has had a running start as we have already found the first customers locally for Genomics Hub tools.”

About ELTA 90:

ELTA 90 is a distribution company of laboratory equipment, reagents, consumables, specialised diagnostic and research tests such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), in vitro fertilisation, and molecular genetic research. It was founded in Bulgaria and extended its roots to Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina.ELTA 90 extends its complete solutions offering to customers in the field of immunology, clinical laboratory, microbiology, virology, and rapid diagnostics. Their high-quality brands on the market is a consequence of long-standing partner relationships with companies such as Illumina, PHCBi, Sysmex, Stago, Nikon Instruments, Eppendorf, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Biotek USA, TA Instruments, Epredia, Abbot and many others.

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About Euformatics:
Euformatics is a Finnish software company that specializes in high-standard bioinformatics tools for genomic data interpretation. Since 2010, Euformatics has been helping medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories provide better precision medicine for cancer, common or rare disease diagnostics. At present, our core solution is the Genomics Hub which includes a variant interpretation tool; for clinical analysis and reporting of patient NGS data, and quality control tool; for NGS data quality management.

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