HELSINKI, Finland, June 2021. Euformatics, a bioinformatics software company providing world-leading NGS interpretation and quality control tools has expanded its network in Latin America through an agreement with Analitek, an Illumina distributor in Mexico.

The agreement between the Finland-based firm and Analitek follows in a line of recent distribution agreements signed both in Latin America with Sintese Biotecnologia and A&C Group, as well as in Poland (Analityk Genetyka) and Saudi Arabia (Al Jeel). The company has identified Latin America and South East Asia as its target regions for expansion in 2021, with the aim of substantially increasing the number of clinical users of the omnomics Suite products.

As the official Illumina NGS instrument distributor for the Mexican research market, Analitek has a well-established network with key decision makers in the country, a trait that supports its role as a market engagement partner for Euformatics. The demand for NGS, as with the other countries in the region, continues to grow and as such both companies agree that there is strong traction for the omnomics Suite products.

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Analitek CEO, Andres E. Ferrara explained “Through this agreement we seek to bridge research-oriented NGS laboratories in Mexico with Euformatics’ clinical software. We are impressed with the flexibility of omnomicsNGS which enables it to be useful inside and outside the clinical sphere for testing germline, somatic, trio, carrier screening and rare diseases. The wide range of applications means that it will appeal to many kinds of laboratories in Mexico. With the depth of the quality control offered through omnomicsQ, we are confident that our partnership will help to increase the uptake of NGS technologies here.”

Euformatics CEO Tommi Kaasalainen

Euformatics CEO, Tommi Kaasalainen, commented “The Analitek team is very well-placed to start engaging the key players in the Mexican NGS market, and carry them through to joint success. We are excited to see where our partnership can take us and believe that the history and connections that Analitek already has will be valuable in connecting our products with the NGS market in Mexico. With the right team, knowledge, and skills we are confident that our agreement will help to bring about a faster transition to precision medicine, improving the diagnosis of diseases and the lives of Mexicans.”

The deal highlights Euformatics’ mission to accelerate the transition to precision medicine around the world by providing software tools to enable faster, quicker, and more accurate genetic analysis of NGS data.

About Analitek:

At Analitek Life we are connecting Mexican scientists with world-class technologies in life science projects for high-impact research and diagnosis that help improve the quality of life and health in our country. We do it through a group of experts with technical-scientific support, education and training, commercial advice and analysis of results to ensure that each project created leads to success.

About Euformatics:

Euformatics is a Finnish software company that specialises in high standard bioinformatics tools for genomic data interpretation. Since 2010, Euformatics has been helping medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories provide better precision medicine for cancer, common or rare disease diagnostics. At present, our core solution is the omnomics Suite which includes omnomicsNGS; for clinical analysis and reporting of patient NGS data, and omnomicsQ; for NGS data quality management.

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