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HELSINKI, Finland, September, 2019. – Euformatics has officially launched its omnomicsQ plugin for customers using Ion Torrent Suite.

Users of Ion Torrent sequencers now have a dedicated sample QC platform, which can be fully integrated as a plugin with their sequencing equipment. The omnomicsQ Ion Torrent Suite plugin allows users to seamlessly access quality control metrics and graphics as part of their workflow without the need for manual external programme integration.

“This is the first software of its kind specifically designed for Ion Torrent sequencers, ensuring that the quality of clinical NGS data is at the highest level possible” says Euformatics CSO Christophe Roos. The omnomicsQ plugin will give users comprehensive QC analysis, including detailed coverage analysis and automatic sample QC assessment.

The plugin gives Ion Torrent Suite users quality information for every sample run as part of their standard run procedure, helping to eliminate errors and flagging early any issues with data quality before it affects patients. Instead of manually uploading files to omnomicsQ, the plugin allows for omnomicsQ to become an integral part of the run plan. With omnomicsQ, it is also possible to do clinical test validation of your NGS pipeline with the omnomicsV functionality in addition to sample QC.

With the plugin, users can still enjoy the most important features of the omnomicsQ command line and GUI versions, including immediately flagging clinical samples as pass/warn/fail, performing coverage/gap analysis on technical and clinical target regions and performing longitudinal analysis of lab QC performance all without ever having to leave their Ion Torrent Suite. For users of omnomicsNGS, Euformatics’ clinical variant interpretation and reporting suite, the omnomicsQ plugin will also allow viewing genes with insufficient coverage in clinical reports generated.

Sign-up for your free 14 day trial of omnomicsQ today to see for yourself how you can automate your NGS QC and drill down to the quality details that are most important for you and your lab. For more information on the Ion Torrent Suite plugin, please get in touch at

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