The free-of-charge OncoMatic online tool will no longer be available from Horizon. However, the online data QC tool is still available for use directly from Euformatics as the omnomicsQ service. All data that has been uploaded to OncoMatic is available in omnomicsQ. The OncoMatic user login credentials can be used to access omnomicsQ ( until October, 31st 2018.

Users will gain access to omnomicQ’s data quality and lab quality management functionalities in addition to the assay validation functionality. The service provides access to NIST/GiaB, current and future Horizon Discovery, as well as user defined reference standards. Other functionalities include benchmarking of performance to peer labs, charting of exceptions and lab performance over time, SOP compliance flagging for 60+ metrics, and quality control at the sample, run, sequencer and kit level for fastq, bam, bed and vcf files.

Please contact for additional information.

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