Euformatics, a Finnish genomic data startup, today announced that it has closed a seed financing round of 350,000 euros by Tekes and angel investors. The funding is used to expand the global use of Euformatics’s clinical software products.

“Next Generation Sequencing unlocks your genomic data, which enables personalised treatment. As the complexity is increasing, hospitals and clinical laboratories need tools to use the genomic data. We provide those tools: omnomicsQ for data quality management and the CE-marked omnomicsNGS for interpreting the results”, says Jussi Volanen, CEO.

Euformatics helps clinical laboratories to meet the highest quality standards in their use of genomic data. Next generation sequencing (NGS) based methods are complex: it is a challenge to produce consistently high quality results. There exists a vast number of different quality control metrics that need to be calculated, tracked and stored. Evolving standards and guidelines dictate what quality control methods are appropriate. Moreover, preparing for audits and inspections or troubleshooting sub-optimal performance and spotting outliers take up valuable laboratory time and resources.

The omnomicsQ platform enables users to circumvent all these issues and additionally lets the users comply with best practice guidelines to ensure data quality compliance as defined by EuroGenTest, ACGS, CAP, etc. The omnomicsQ platform is trusted by the leading EQA providers EMQN and UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics with whom the company has partnered.

“The omnomicsQ platform ensures that genomics labs optimise their resources, generate consistent results, secure a good reputation and ultimately deliver accurate treatment for the patient. Let us take one of our customers at a Swiss University Hospital. Before omnomicsQ it took them hours to perform each coverage analysis. That task, among other quality control tasks, could be fully automated, as can almost all other tasks. These significant time savings enable them to better allocate their resources”, says Christophe Roos, Chief Scientific Officer.

Once the NGS data quality is secured, the next step is the annotation and interpretation of genomic variants. The CE-marked software omnomicsNGS is a software platform that provides all the relevant genomic and mutation information laboratories need based on patient data, growing local knowledge, and external information sources. Not only does it speed up genetic reporting for each patient, it also allows users to revisit old samples and to notify health service providers whenever new genetic information becomes available. The platform can be used on the cloud, as local stand-alone solution or integrated into larger IT infrastructures connected to other patient records and biobanks.

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