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Is your lab performing perfectly? This is the stress-free way to be sure.

This health check ensures that your lab, sequencer, and bioinformatics are performing well. It’s a free technical quality assessment, similar to the external quality checks done by EMQN, GenQA, or CAP proficiency testing.

You can now perform it internally in your lab without any stress.

It will help you prepare for accreditation and maintain confidence in your quality—because quality doesn’t happen by accident.

Quote person Benedicte Roquebert

Benedicte Roquebert

Medical Director at Cerba

We were impressed by the insight that the Euformatics team has on NGS data from a technical and analytical perspective. Their software tools were a great fit for us as we are expanding our lab infrastructure with new sequencers and needed a kit- and sequencer-agnostic solution to enable our geneticists to efficiently diagnose patient samples.

We provide several French laboratories with their NGS data processing services.

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Cerba HealthCare uses Euformatics for software tools for clinical genomic data analysis.

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Euformatics delivers the Genomics Hub software suite and workflow support for clinical genomics data analysis.

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Our french speaking team members are ready to tell you more.

Euformatics CSO Christophe Roos

Christophe Roos

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder

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