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NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) is a powerful technology that allows researchers to quickly and efficiently sequence large amounts of DNA or RNA. However, as with any technology, it is important to validate and verify the accuracy and reproducibility of the results generated by the NGS technology.

For validation and verification includes concordance analysis which assesses the agreement between test results in order to determine the reliability and validity. In the context of NGS pipelines, concordance analysis also validates both the wet lab procedures and the bioinformatics pipeline. A reference sample with a known base truth is used for concordance analysis. Regular quality control of every tested sample, including the patient sample, allows the accumulation of data that is essential to track the performance of the laboratory.

In this webinar, Christophe Roos (Euformatics Chief Scientific Officer, PhD) provides expertise and insight on the topic. Moreover, he will explore case examples from the medical literature and laboratory. 

Learn how to validate your NGS laboratory and be prepared for the external quality assessment (EQA). Quality is no accident.

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